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Ahmad Raza (Zoologist) Wiki, Biography, Age, Girlfriend , Facts and More

Ahmad Raza (Zoologist) Wiki, Biography, Age, Girlfriend , Facts and More

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist
Ahmad Raza

Ahmad Raza  is the famous Youtuber  and blogger from Pakistan. He is known for his amazing Lookscute smile, Style and Decent Boy Personality. He has a huge fan Following in Pakistan . You will be soon seeing him as a zoologist. He got fame after running youtube channel and website (Social Uphots). He is primarily famous for posting sucn an interesting articals.He has even the earned the fam on facebook We walk you through all about him. Checkout  Ahmad Wiki, Age, Family,  Facts and More


He is from Punjab Depalpur. He is Pakistani by Nationality. Currently he is living in Depalpur,Pak.  Along with Tik Tok Star, he is also a Style Blogger and Youtuber . He is quite popular for his hair style, dressing and cool personality.
He runs a youtube channel where he gives tips on lifestyle,motivations and  personality improvement etc.

Physical Appearance

He is approximately 5’ 5″ inches tall and weighs around 55 kg. He got Athletic Build. He has Black eyes and Black hair.
Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist
Ahmad Raza

Family, Religion & Girlfriends

Not Much is know about his family and his relationship. He comes from a Muslim’s Family.
University of Okara logo, uni of okara,uo, uni of okara logo
University of Okara logo

He is studing in University of Okara. He is doing his Bs honors in Zoology and he is also interested in computer engineering
Uni Friends Squad
Ahmad Saquad, uni of okara fellows, uo fllow, uo party
Ahmad's Squad


And much more

Ahmad Raza's Photo Gallery

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist
Ahmad Raza logo

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, uni of Okara
uni of okara sports

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, uni of Okara
ahmad raza

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, uni of Okara

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, uni of Okara
uni of okara

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, uni of Okara

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, uni of Okara

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, uni of Okara, social uphots
Uni of okara

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, uni of Okara
photo shoot 

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, uni of Okara

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, uni of Okara
Sports Ahmad and Abdul Qadeer

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, uni of Okara
Uni of Okara Sports festival

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, superior college of depalpur,
At Superior colloege

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, uni of Okara
At home Ahmad

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist, uni of Okara
cool pose of Ahmad

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist
Ahmad Raza

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist
Photo Shoot Ahmad Raza

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist
Ahmad Muslims plrayer

Ahmad zoologist, zoologist, Ahmad Raza, Ahmad Raza zoologist
Ahmad at uni of okara

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Best Ways To Turn Bad Day Into Good One

Best Ways To Turn Bad Day Into Good One

When you are up for a long journey of terrific achievement, feelings will come into your way. Some of the time pessimism (Mayoosi) will crawl you so much that you feel that daily has been squandered (fazool udana). It occurs with each and every person who is true about his objective. When something that issues such a great amount to you turns out badly, you feel flushed. Be that as it may, it's alright. One can't have everything according to his/her arrangement. Continuously figure like God may have arranged something more for you. Our modest little eyes once in a while are not ready to perceive what he has thought for us.Here I share 12 hints of Turn awful day around

Best Ways To Turn Bad Day Into Good One
Sad Day


1. Does it truly make a difference 

At whatever point you feel that this day has been destroyed at that point stop for some time and ask yourself that 'does it truly make a difference?' it happens that we continue hopping on futile things. On the off chance that your senior yells at you, you think your day has been destroyed. In any case, it's his disappointment that is turning out by It's his concern and not yours. Mess with it and proceed onward. Try not to make it a self image issue. Genuine issues can be there and you are permitted to stress a tad however you should not give senseless things a chance to destroy your valuable day. 

2. Take 10 full breaths and ponder 

10 full breaths can quiet you down for sure.10 breaths are sufficient to get anything crazy. When you get bothered, simply shut your eyes. Begin taking in and out profound and moderate. Contemplate for 10 to 20 minutes. Try not to drive your psyche to not think simply let the contemplations come. Try not to oppose them. Try not to advance them either and endeavor to center around your relaxing. Simply let your considerations carry on the manner in which they need to act. You will feel loosened up once you acknowledge the circumstance as it seems to be. By tolerating the circumstance, you will leave dissent mode and begin discovering arrangements. 

3. Wash up 

Wash up and you will feel invigorated. This is the straightforward and broadly acknowledged procedure. It invigorates your body and psyche. Simply wipe out all the cynicism and get a revived begin. 

4. Change the place 

Changing the place acts the hero you when the issue is the place. For instance, on the off chance that you had a crude with your accomplice, simply change the place. Leave your home and have some espresso at close-by coffeehouse or simply go for a 20 minutes' walk. When you come back once more, you will feel your home a helped one. 

5. Change your everyday practice 

When something surprising occurs, you are additionally permitted to accomplish something sudden. Simply change your daily practice for multi day on the off chance that you need to transform it into a glad one. Something has turned out badly with your vocation, simply acknowledge it and after that change your daily schedule. Simply go for a decent motion picture or play. Take a long drive.Take a break from work and invest energy with your family. This strategy will help in withdrawing the issue from you. 

6. Light exercise 

Exercise has tremendous ability to set your day right. Practicing produces 'feel better' hormones and you will mystically feel appropriate about everything. It's obviously better than any inebriation which harms your body. 

7. Talk out with your companion 

What are companions for? This is the time when you require one of them. Simply talk out the issue with your companion. Offer your concern and you will feel loose. Regardless of whether they can't give you an answer, they will give you the fearlessness to discover the arrangement. 

8. Be grateful for what you have 

At whatever point you feel that this day has gone dreadful, simply think what you as of now have. You probably been furnished with something astounding. Be appreciative for that. It has dependably been this way, 'cry and you will dependably cry, feel appreciation and you will get more opportunities to feel appreciation for'. 

9. Dissect the issue equitably 

In the event that you need a genuine answer for the issue, simply disconnect yourself with the issue. Host a third gathering perspective. In the event that you continue moving around with your concern, you will wind up with the issue just and not the arrangement. 

10. Find where you missed 

Target investigation of the issue will help you in finding where you have missed. When you turn into the onlooker, you will acknowledge where you submitted the misstep. Simply don't rehash it later on and your part will be finished. 

11. Gain from your error 

It is critical to gain from your misstep. Try not to give one more day a chance to get destroyed by a similar mix-up (permitted to submit another one however;). 

12. Think about the extent of accomplishment 

What has been done, done? What has occurred, occurred. Simply overlook it. Presently think about what's to come. Presently, what do you have in your grasp? How might you benefit as much as possible from this circumstance? What is the extension for progress? From where would you be able to begin working? Whom would you be able to approach now? Who can be your guide in recouping the harm and getting everything settled? This is the best approach.

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How To Read a Book In Less Time - Simple Reading Techniques

How To Read a Book In Less Time

There are three phases of reading, the very 1st stage, where individuals don't have the  idea about the advantages(benefits) of reading So,they never attempt(try) to read even a book. The 2nd stage they begin to understanding the benefits of reading books. So, they give a start towards reading but still they donot read it much because they think that its boorting and the third stage is the place individuals begin gaining intrest towards reading books, however their reading is slow to the point that it exhausts(tang a jana) their brain, spend their alot of time and it bothers(irritate) their eyes.

How To Read a Book In Less Time - Simple Reading Techniques
 Reading Techniques

Individuals who like to read, they want to read more but due to their slow reading skills, they stop reading and return back to point from where they have started. People who stop reading because of their slow reading habit, they feel that reading faster(quick) and better is a very difficult which is hard to achieve but luckily their thinking is just a myth (imagination), people can read faster and in a better way, they can master their skill of reading faster, they can build a habit of reading fast just by adopting a few techniques,

Simple Reading Techniques

1) Read quietly

Subvocalising (alfaaz ko adaa krna) is the hardest and the most crucial(difficult) habit, which stops us from reading faster, hence it needs to be Stop. what is subvocalizing? you must have noticed, that while reading anything our subconscious(unconscious) mind pronounce(adaa krna) the words on the page, we don’t say the words aloud but our mind speaks them unconsciously when we speak the words aloud, it takes a special amount of time to pronounce, however, we donot need to speak it loudly, we can just absorb(understand) the words, we also mimicked(copy an action) sentences and words, we don’t read them loudly but our lips mimicked (copy) them, this is also known as subvocalising.

If you want to overcome this habit, replace it with another habit, because habits cant be ignored but they can be replaced so adopt this strategy

How To Read a Book In Less Time - Simple Reading Techniques
Don't be puzzled

2) Know your speed

Before improving (making better) anything, you must know how good or bad you are in that certain thing for example: if you have to improve your dancing skill, then you should know your baseline, you should know how good or bad you are and how much hard work and practice you need to improve(enhance) it, similarly, to improve your reading skill or to read faster, you must know your baseline(interest), for example, how slow you read and how many words you read in five minutes, after knowing your baseline, move towards improvement, there are many tools which tell you about your baseline, it will share your baseline in certain terms like you read a certain amount of words per minute, hence use tools to understand your baseline and once you know your baseline then you can work for improvement for example if you read one page in 6 minutes, then improve it by reading two pages in 6 minutes, this way you learn to read quick.

3) Practice

Nobody can become perfect in anything without practicing, you need to practice in order to read fast, to read faster you need to practice everyday, you have to read daily, you have to set a time, you have to read important things, must avoid unnecessary words or stuffs, must only concentrate on books which gives knowledge and information, must avoid unnecessary words, sentences or pages.
4) Use guide

You should have noticed that when we were kids, we had a habit of reading anything by keeping finger on it, or we used to use a marker so that we don’t forget the important points, but unluckily as we grew we forgot our good old habits(we have replaced them), we should use a pen, pencil or a marker to mark particular points which are  important, so that we can save our time, we don’t need to struggle with every page while searching for that important point, use marker so that whenever you want to re-read that same page or sentence again, you can read it directly without wasting your time, So use pen pencil or marker as your guide.

5) Eyes exercise

here you have to understand how much your eyes move while you read, your eyes show your attention, hence to hold your eyes centered you need to handle your eyes actions while you learn to deal with your eyes moves, then analyzing will now not have an effect on the eyes, you want to practice positive strategies to create head movement, thru eye movement exercise you can create head movement which doesn’t affect your eyes, example.

Exercise 1st: move your eyes from left to right, while also moving your head from left to right, as you move, be sure your eyes looking forward, your head should be moving while your eyes are still.
when you keep your eyes fixed in a single location, it'll assist to cognizance on a single phrase or word that you may want to sluggish all the way down to read.

Exercise 2nd: after searching left to right for few instances, repeat the workout but allow your eyes to move with the motion of your head, your eyes should still be centered now not looking left to proper.

Explaination: when you circulate your eyes along with your head, it creates at ease and fluid movement as you transition from line to line and web page to web page.

Exercise third: finally, maintain your head instantly and look with your eyes to the left and the right some instances, your head ought to be perfectly in area even as you look to the left and proper in a horizontal line.

clarification: when you flow your eyes independently, it's far the middle of scanning from one aspect of the road to the subsequent.

Those strategies of your eyes and head will absolutely assist you to read a e book fast
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Why I Am Not Passionate About Anything - Find You Passion

Why I Am Not Passionate About Anything - Find You Passion

I have heard numerous individuals saying that "I Am Not Passionate About Anything", they are completely passionless.They work yet at the same time their heart isn't energetic about that work, they find their work exhausting and void, they feel that something is absent in their life, in spite of everything still they find something not all that occurrence in their lives, they feel stuck and have no clue how to get unstuck, All this happens as a result of negativity, negative things influences us to trust that we are bad enough or we are not excited identified with anything, negativity around us influences us to trust that we are excessively old, making it impossible to begin anything new, we are excessively old, making it impossible to give another begin to our life or we are excessively old, making it impossible to gain some new useful knowledge and this trust drive us to adhere to the work about which we are not enthusiastic.

Why I Am Not Passionate About Anything - Find You Passion
Passion less

By saying I am not passionate about anything will  definately makes you passionless,  will never enable you to be cheerful for things which you are doing, will always encourage procrastination in you, So stop saying that i am not passionate enough start feeling enthusiastic(Pur-Josh), start giving meaning to your life, Every day get up from your bed with enthusiasm (Pur-Joshi)  by saying that today is another day, which will bring new chance and I will not miss any opportunity, Everyday bounce out of your bed with energy and quit consulting with yourself for more minutes of rest. Never ever allow that negative energy to influence you, having some lazy time can be good but don’t make it your habit

For example, I love to learn something new, I am passionate about learning, that learning passion  not only helped me, but because of my learning passion I am trying to help others as well, this habit has changed my life and that changed taught me that by helping others not only others get benefit but even we grow in life, today through my learning passion I am able to make others understand the importance of learning and how learning can change your life, My passion has become the helping hand to others, and has helped people to find their way and also helped people to find joy in their lives.

So, not only search passion in your work or at work place, just try to search passion in everything you do in your life, it doesn't matter how small thing that is, be passionate about it, give your 101 % and see how joyful your life will become.

Getting to be energetic isn't something which will all of a sudden fall on your head from paradise, you can't wind up enthusiastic in only one day on the off chance that you have a conviction that I am not sufficiently enthusiastic but rather one day all of a sudden god will make you energetic about things, at that point such convictions is only a fantasy, in light of the fact that having an enthusiastic life isn't a normal everyday employment, getting to be energetic is a procedure of self-disclosure and detective work, having an enthusiastic life is to find and discover the genuine you, it's tied in with knowing yourself appropriately, it's tied in with understanding your bliss and wants, being energetic is about move above feelings of dread, wrong convictions and old wounds(past), subsequently quit saying that I am not energetic about anything, and begin looking through the genuine you, since that genuine you will make you energetic about everything. 

Today I want to share a few steps which will help you to know/find the real you and your own passion, so let’s start

1) 1st of All Stop saying ” I AM NOT PASSIONATE ABOUT ANYTHING.”

Regardless of whether you say you can or you say you can't, in any case, you are correct. Breaking point is in your psyche, thus quit giving yourself limits by repeating negative statements to yourself, since when you continue saying negative statement  it will install in your mind, and once it installs then it turns out to be difficult to expel it, hence quit saying that I am not energetic about anything rather simply begin knowing yourself better, begin understanding your satisfaction, likes happiness, dislikes, hobbies and so on, in light of the fact that once you uncover the genuine you, at that point finding your own enthusiasm will turn out to be simple. 

2) Track your satisfaction

Keep up a diary in which you can write about your happy minutes, about your joyful minutes, what made you happy, which things made you cheerful, what you did which gave little achievement during your school days or college days, what energizes you and what doesn't, and focus on your emotions and satisfaction, since that consideration will propel you one stage towards knowing your own particular energy. 

3) Track your irritation

Here you have to focus towards the thing which disappoints you like hell, as is it your activity, your relationship, or your absence of purpose, whatever it is, element those things from your life which cuts you down and which doesn't enable you to carry on with an enthusiastic life.

Why I Am Not Passionate About Anything - Find You Passion
Passion less in relation_ship
4) Dreams (Fantasies)

Here you have to write your fantasies (dreams), similar to what were your fantasies when you were youthful, and why that fantasy (dream) changed, why you didn't buckle down towards your fantasy, and if not that what's your present dream, and perceive how your life will be the point at which your fantasy will materialize and once you imagine that at that point begin buckling down towards it.

5) Always focus on your ability 

Each person in this world has some ability and talent, it just requires your consideration and cleaning, sometime we disregard(ignore) our abilities and that obliviousness(ignorance) turns into the main motivation for our indifferent life, henceforth always find your expertise and energize those abilities by cleaning them, get some information about what you are great at, and the amount you will exceed expectations in the event that you enhance that good thing in you, regardless of how little the ability is, note it down and clean it. 

6) Never fear to move

Numerous individuals settle for a normal life since they trust that they won't show signs of improvement in life, As a result they should remain where they are, first expel "should" from your lives, Because this should word never enable you to see the better you, generally gain some new useful knowledge, dependably have a self-accept, dependably expect better and best for yourself, dependably buckle down for the better life, since because we, humans, have free will and we have (potential) to change our lives, consequently be an effective independent individual, remember that each individual is an independent individual, yet tragically just fruitful individuals acknowledge it and rest unsuccessful individuals play a blame game. 

7) What makes a difference the most 

Continuously attempt to comprehend what makes a difference the most for you, what esteems you the most on the grounds that your energy revolved around your essential qualities, henceforth dependably comprehend what truly matters to you, what precisely you need right now, work or further examinations, why you need an occupation or why you need to ponder further, make inquiry to yourself, answer that inquiry with legitimate reasons and supports, this thing will clear your perplexity and make you upbeat and happy about your life. 

8) Always have a major vision 

Assess yourself, following a year see where you have come to, are you happy with what you are doing now, are you happy with your salary, are you moving according to your plans and objectives, if not then discover why you are not moving according to design, what's halting you, what is the hindrance which isn't enabling you to advance throughout everyday life, have a major vision, think ambitiously. 

9) Be interested 

To be enthusiastic you should be interested in light of the fact that your interest will influence you to know your energy and potential outcomes, some of the time you have no clue in what everything you can be great at and in what all fields you can exceed expectations, subsequently look for conceivable outcomes be interested about different fields, for instance, you are completing a 9 to 5 work, however it doesn't mean you can't be great in voyaging, consequently look through your conceivable outcomes be interested don't make due with what you have, dependably be grateful yet never make due with a normal life or schedule. 
 Why I Am Not Passionate About Anything - Find You Passion Passion less in relation_ship
Never lose Passion(HOPE)

10) never surrender (lose hope)

finding your energy is definitely not a one day process, it can take two or three years, subsequently you ought to have never stopped or never surrender state of mind in light of the fact that never quit mentality encourages you in each part of your life, henceforth to have enthusiastic life have never stopped demeanor, disposition is a little word however right demeanor can possibly make an immense contrast in your life.

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Why You Deserve A Pat on the Back?

Why You Deserve a Pat on the Back? 

Each Person In this world sees this Earth In two either emphatically or adversely. For a few people each little thing is unthinkable and for a few people each incomprehensible thing is conceivable. They are the ones who have the ability to make inconceivable thing conceivable, subsequently this sort of individuals accomplish something enormous in their lives, henceforth these individuals merit a congratulatory gesture. All of you should know about an expression which says Do you see glass half full or half unfilled and individuals who see glass half full are the real individual who sees each conceivable method to make their life marvelous, they never quit, they never anxious of progress or they never reluctant to go out on a limb keeping in mind the end goal to move towards their fantasy objectives, they are the general population who have the capacity to consider Impossible to be I-M-Possible. They realize that everything in their brain, There's no restriction, we individuals make limits, we individuals Make things muddled, subsequently they never anxious towards personal growth. Also, this sort of individuals merits a congratulatory gesture.
Why You Deserve A Pat on the Back? - praise - chear

A few people lodging about little things and make that little thing a major extent while individuals who are magnificent they generally esteem their life, they generally esteem their wellbeing and they know If they are fit then they can deal with any circumstance and can change the most exceedingly awful circumstance to great and can change over it to better. Individuals who are great who merits a congratulatory gesture see this world emphatically, they see this world in an incredibly extraordinary way, they locate each little thing brilliant and consider everything as a gift, they never come close their lives since they trust themselves as an opposition. 

You are marvelous in the event that you realize that you are one of a kind and you have ability of accomplishing something tremendous throughout everyday life, everybody in this world has same time, same 24 hours, at that point why just a few people get achievement, in light of the fact that those a few people are great, those a few people know their esteem, they know their capacity and potential and they never enable others to impact their potential, They are the ones who never apprehensive of disappointment they generally do diligent work and put endeavors, those individuals have the capacity to see great in each circumstance, they keep in mind themselves nor others, they put stock in their diligent work and consistency and dependably buckle down for objectives, Awesome individuals never take achievement indulgently, on the grounds that they know achievement can never be possessed it is on rent, and lease is expected each day, henceforth amazing individuals in the wake of getting achievement never take rest, they work harder, on the grounds that they know remaining in that same achievement and constructive require all the more diligent work and consistency. 

on the off chance that you do certain things throughout your life or every day then you merit a gesture of congratulations, some of the time you have to value yourself, regardless of whether you need to do it without anyone else's input. 

Ponts On Basis You Deserve A Pat on the Back

1. In the event that you move out of safe place you merit a congratulatory gesture 

Assume you fear conversing with outsiders, however one day you go out for a meeting and put forth a strong effort, regardless of on the off chance that you clear that meeting or not, but rather you moved out of your usual range of familiarity, you took care of which you were perplexed, henceforth at such snapshot of leaving safe place you merit a gesture of congratulations. 

2. On the off chance that you don't enable issues or awful circumstance to destroy your day then you merit a pat 

Assume you have intended to go out with your companions however abruptly relatives land at your home and your folks requesting that you remain and not to go out, consequently as opposed to annihilating your mind-set on the off chance that you manage that circumstance tranquilly and appropriately without getting disappointed then right then and there of not enabling that issue or circumstance to baffle you contrarily, you merit a pat since you handle so pleasantly and legitimately. 

3. On the off chance that you enable some more bizarre then you to merit a congratulatory gesture 

In the event that you help somebody without knowing or without bringing somebody's station religion or skin shading in the middle of then you merit a praise, since you helped somebody without considering your own advantage, you helped somebody truly with kind heart, you helped somebody with all your unadulterated heart and this kind-hearted signal without a doubt merit a gesture of congratulations. 

4. On the off chance that you take after your plan for the day then you merit a gesture of congratulations 

Assume you influence your need to list and on the off chance that you tail it legitimately without coming up with any rationalization or without chopping down any point, at that point you merit a praise in light of the fact that by finishing your rundown you enhance your resolve and furthermore enhances your confidence and certainty thus much change merits a gesture of congratulations. 

5. On the off chance that you gain information every day or discover some new information day by day 

We as a whole know a man ends up shrewd by day by day learning and by day by day picking up information, a savvy man takes in a great deal about existence, an astute man figures out how to react, an insightful man knows when to talk and when not to, Knowledge makes individual shrewd and gives astuteness, learning and learning influence individual to think about how unmindful they were since so long, thus on the off chance that you evacuate time every day to peruse and to gain some new useful knowledge or on the off chance that you gain from somebody without getting hostile then you merit a pat. 

6. In the event that you excuse yourself or others at that point merit a pat 

On the off chance that you proceed onward and excuse yourself for your past oversight and gain from that misstep, at that point you merit a gesture of congratulations. 

7. On the off chance that you keep up quiet even in troublesome circumstances you merit a congratulatory gesture 

On the off chance that troublesome circumstance emerge at your home or at your own or expert life at that point on the off chance that you bargain that circumstance tranquilly and easily then you merit a praise for instance, on the off chance that you confront a contention with your friends and family, and in the event that they lose their temper yet you ready to deal with your feelings and emotions then you merit a pat in light of the fact that your quieted and practical state of mind arranged that contention and furthermore made your relationship smooth. 

8. On the off chance that you acknowledge obligation instead of accusing then you merit a pat 

In the event that circumstances didn't turn the manner in which you were trusting then as opposed to accusing on the off chance that you assume 100 percent liability for your mix-up and of that circumstance then you merit a congratulatory gesture. 

9. In the event that you decline to stop then you merit a gesture of congratulations 

In the event that you are doing some work and confronting disappointment over and over yet you decline to stop, you decline to surrender, you say to yourself that you won't change your objective however with each disappointment you will learn and change your technique to achieve that objective then you are magnificent and you merit a praise, since this never surrender state of mind of yours demonstrates your diligent work consistency and your self discipline. 

10. On the off chance that you conquer your snag you merit a pat 

In the event that you are taking care of some math issue and on the off chance that you are failing to understand the situation yet with your consistency you at last ready to comprehend it, at that point it implies you are beating obstruction without losing your control and determination then this defeating impediment minute merit a pat and you confirmation that you are wonderful and you will without a doubt merit a congratulatory gesture. 

Continuously observe a glass half full, rather than half vacant, in light of the fact that this half full demeanor gives you joy, quality, conviction, self control and never say quit state of mind

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How To Less Sleep and Do More Work | Enjoy Productive Life

How To Less Sleep and Do More Work

As We know That how important sleep(Rest) is, Lack of Rest can be reason for a lot of medical issues, but there is another extremely basic truth that we all should know, that sleeping more than normal time can also be the cause for health issues, for example, many people say that even after having sleep for 10 hours they feel tired, weak and lazy, Here people feel that even after having proper sleep why they still have a less productive day, why they delay targeted work, why they work less even after having proper sleep, So the answers is your more sleep, you sleep more than the normal time and that longer sleep than the normal time becomes the reason for delaying and tiredness.
How To Less Sleep and Do More Work | Enjoy Productive Life
Proper and Healthy Sleep

We all should understand that more or less sleep both, our body and mind are going to suffer, because our mind and body have need of healthy sleep to function normaly, people who take sleep less than eight hours are mostly inactive, lazy, weak and less social and these things are same with people who take sleep more than eight hours

So, today we will discuss how to Less sleep and more work . Here less sleep it doesn’t mean to less sleep than eight hours, here less sleep means to sleep less than 10 hours (normal sleeping hours).

Alot of people love to sleep, but what they don’t understand ? Is that more sleep can be the reason for many medical(Health) issues, for example headaches,dizziness,back pain,diabetes,obesity,heart diseases,depression etc, less sleeping or more than average sleeping hours can be reason for your worse productive day, If you want to work more you have to sleep for 8 hours not less or more than that.

Today we will discuss how you can sleep less and can work more, how you can be more productive.

(DON'T FORGET: Less Sleep and more than the normal (Average) sleeping hours can cause numbers of problems, So always stick to Normal(average) sleeping hours because that’s the important thing you can do for your health)

How about we talk about How To Sleep Less and Work More:

1) Understand and accept

The first thing (to work more and sleep less) is to understand and accept that too much sleep on a regular basis can increase the chances of stroke, diabetes, heart diseases and death, too much sleep is more than 9 hours, you have to stick to your Normal(average) sleeping time, and normal(average) sleeping time is seven to eight hours, when we admit the truth that sleeping more can cause severe health(medical) issues then you will commit to yourself and you will become more careful about your sleeping timings.

2) Fixed Timing

Now when you understand how many hours of sleep is best for your health ? and productivity, then just try to fix your sleeping hours(timings), the basic quality of your sleep will make you more productive and active, when you sleep at 11 Pm and woke up at 8 am, you will by yourself notice the pleasant and soothing environment, when you take sleep for average 8 hours as a routine your mind and body will become more active fresh and full of energy, and activeness,chearful, and motivation is required for productive work life.

3) Must Have Good Sleep Habits

Good sleep or habits play a very vital role for good night sleep, and quality of sleep is must for productive work life, So follow some good sleep habits like as don’t use cell phones at your sleeping area, read good motivational books which fill you and your mind with motivation. Because many times we fail to have quality of sleep because many issues and tension runs in our minds, So follow good sleep habits that thing will help you to have good night sleep, keep your room silent and peaceful don’t link your sleeping area with any other activities which make your brain desperate or curious, example, don’t use cell phones, don’t read suspense creating books before sleeping.

4) Eat healthily

How important exercise and diet is, So always do follow a healthy diet and exercise daily, Any exercise is better than no exercise, Healthy diet and exercise keeps our body and mind always fit and active, healthy diet gives power to our mind and body and that energy 

How To Less Sleep and Do More Work | Enjoy Productive Life
Proper Routine
5) Have a proper routine

You should have a proper routine, should have to fix sleep time, should engage in good sleep habits, should do follow healthy(proper) diet and exercise, everything will help to make productive work life, Your daily routine will make easy work life, to work more you have to manage proper sleep time, the more healthy lifestyle you’ll have the more energetic and happy you will be in your life.
These are the 5 Strategies "How To Sleep Less and Work More".
Expectations are, all of you will like it.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Machiavelli - Philosopher of power

Machiavelli - Philosopher of power.

Recently I read a biography of Machiavelli. You might have heard of him, if not then remember the term on his name; Machiavellian, which is synonymous with devious. Yes, I am talking about that person whom many regards as a devil on earth. He proposed many ways to earn money and to rule, of course not the pious ways. He is known today as a Philosopher of power by his masterpiece 'The Prince
Machiavelli - Philosopher of power

He was no Prince by himself. He came from a middle-class family and early in his childhood he got interested in history because of his father. At an early age, he knew about great leaders and rulers who ruled, a lengthy one, like Julius Ceasar.

Motivational Aspects

It was just the very brief description of his life. Now come to motivational aspects. He became second Chancellor of Florence. He remained in the politics for many years but his life took an important turn when he was out of politics. He thought politics was his life and politics of Florence too need that kind of sage mind. But nature had its own plan for him.

Like Charles Darwin, he didn't know about writing a book which will bring a revolution in its field. Mr. Darwin's life was unexpected as of Machiavelli's. Both of them did the same thing, they didn't stop working and thinking while their lives were drifting swiftly. Machiavelli composed a few poetry works but never recognized as a poet among the public and other poets. He was much interested in the art of war; how to win a war and win brilliantly.

When he was in his farm, he had plenty of time to ponder on the mistakes which the Florence Government made and which great leaders avoid. Though he was disheartened by the life but he kept busing himself in reading and compiling the facts that could help any ruler to rule as long as many leaders, soldiers and warriors had done.
lets have a view

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Motivation For Us

From this, we get two things.

First, we are not in the proper and full control of our lives and if it makes an unexpected turn we should adapt ourselves in such a way to keep cling to the life and our purpose (if you have found our purpose). 

Second, I am quoting my quote here,

 "In faith we expect, by expecting we hope, hope prolongs the torment, which is dangerous to the present." 
Machiavelli didn't stay back and hope for someone to come and do what he did by his writings. He had no faith in someone else rather he had faith in himself. He knew he had a great and philosophical mind and that mind was for politics so he dedicated his mind on politics. He did political work when he was out of politics. You can remove a political person from politics but cannot remove politics from him. That was how Machiavelli was and that is how everyone should be. 'Cling to his passion no matter what the world is saying.'
Another lesson which Machiavelli gives us is, "Man cannot empower their own nature." He was a bawdy voluptuary and remained for many years of his life. He didn't try to change himself. He remained what he was. A person does something contrary to his nature, that is the main reason for many of our problems. Each and every person is different so all must act differently.

Moreover, as I have mentioned that he was interested in politics and didn't wander on other subjects. If he read history that was also related to politics one way or the other. He stuck to one thing and become exceptional. That is how one stands out from the crowd. He is supposed to concentrate on one thing, brood over and over on it, get from it as much as he can and if he thinks he is finished with his work go over for next target. That is how we can achieve aims. Many folks have more than one interests. For example, Machiavelli also wrote plays and he got very famous through his plays too. So here's the lesson curiosity, consistency and adaptability lead one to success.