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How To Less Sleep and Do More Work | Enjoy Productive Life

How To Less Sleep and Do More Work

As We know That how important sleep(Rest) is, Lack of Rest can be reason for a lot of medical issues, but there is another extremely basic truth that we all should know, that sleeping more than normal time can also be the cause for health issues, for example, many people say that even after having sleep for 10 hours they feel tired, weak and lazy, Here people feel that even after having proper sleep why they still have a less productive day, why they delay targeted work, why they work less even after having proper sleep, So the answers is your more sleep, you sleep more than the normal time and that longer sleep than the normal time becomes the reason for delaying and tiredness.
How To Less Sleep and Do More Work | Enjoy Productive Life
Proper and Healthy Sleep

We all should understand that more or less sleep both, our body and mind are going to suffer, because our mind and body have need of healthy sleep to function normaly, people who take sleep less than eight hours are mostly inactive, lazy, weak and less social and these things are same with people who take sleep more than eight hours

So, today we will discuss how to Less sleep and more work . Here less sleep it doesn’t mean to less sleep than eight hours, here less sleep means to sleep less than 10 hours (normal sleeping hours).

Alot of people love to sleep, but what they don’t understand ? Is that more sleep can be the reason for many medical(Health) issues, for example headaches,dizziness,back pain,diabetes,obesity,heart diseases,depression etc, less sleeping or more than average sleeping hours can be reason for your worse productive day, If you want to work more you have to sleep for 8 hours not less or more than that.

Today we will discuss how you can sleep less and can work more, how you can be more productive.

(DON'T FORGET: Less Sleep and more than the normal (Average) sleeping hours can cause numbers of problems, So always stick to Normal(average) sleeping hours because that’s the important thing you can do for your health)

How about we talk about How To Sleep Less and Work More:

1) Understand and accept

The first thing (to work more and sleep less) is to understand and accept that too much sleep on a regular basis can increase the chances of stroke, diabetes, heart diseases and death, too much sleep is more than 9 hours, you have to stick to your Normal(average) sleeping time, and normal(average) sleeping time is seven to eight hours, when we admit the truth that sleeping more can cause severe health(medical) issues then you will commit to yourself and you will become more careful about your sleeping timings.

2) Fixed Timing

Now when you understand how many hours of sleep is best for your health ? and productivity, then just try to fix your sleeping hours(timings), the basic quality of your sleep will make you more productive and active, when you sleep at 11 Pm and woke up at 8 am, you will by yourself notice the pleasant and soothing environment, when you take sleep for average 8 hours as a routine your mind and body will become more active fresh and full of energy, and activeness,chearful, and motivation is required for productive work life.

3) Must Have Good Sleep Habits

Good sleep or habits play a very vital role for good night sleep, and quality of sleep is must for productive work life, So follow some good sleep habits like as don’t use cell phones at your sleeping area, read good motivational books which fill you and your mind with motivation. Because many times we fail to have quality of sleep because many issues and tension runs in our minds, So follow good sleep habits that thing will help you to have good night sleep, keep your room silent and peaceful don’t link your sleeping area with any other activities which make your brain desperate or curious, example, don’t use cell phones, don’t read suspense creating books before sleeping.

4) Eat healthily

How important exercise and diet is, So always do follow a healthy diet and exercise daily, Any exercise is better than no exercise, Healthy diet and exercise keeps our body and mind always fit and active, healthy diet gives power to our mind and body and that energy 

How To Less Sleep and Do More Work | Enjoy Productive Life
Proper Routine
5) Have a proper routine

You should have a proper routine, should have to fix sleep time, should engage in good sleep habits, should do follow healthy(proper) diet and exercise, everything will help to make productive work life, Your daily routine will make easy work life, to work more you have to manage proper sleep time, the more healthy lifestyle you’ll have the more energetic and happy you will be in your life.
These are the 5 Strategies "How To Sleep Less and Work More".
Expectations are, all of you will like it.