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How To Read a Book In Less Time - Simple Reading Techniques

How To Read a Book In Less Time

There are three phases of reading, the very 1st stage, where individuals don't have the  idea about the advantages(benefits) of reading So,they never attempt(try) to read even a book. The 2nd stage they begin to understanding the benefits of reading books. So, they give a start towards reading but still they donot read it much because they think that its boorting and the third stage is the place individuals begin gaining intrest towards reading books, however their reading is slow to the point that it exhausts(tang a jana) their brain, spend their alot of time and it bothers(irritate) their eyes.

How To Read a Book In Less Time - Simple Reading Techniques
 Reading Techniques

Individuals who like to read, they want to read more but due to their slow reading skills, they stop reading and return back to point from where they have started. People who stop reading because of their slow reading habit, they feel that reading faster(quick) and better is a very difficult which is hard to achieve but luckily their thinking is just a myth (imagination), people can read faster and in a better way, they can master their skill of reading faster, they can build a habit of reading fast just by adopting a few techniques,

Simple Reading Techniques

1) Read quietly

Subvocalising (alfaaz ko adaa krna) is the hardest and the most crucial(difficult) habit, which stops us from reading faster, hence it needs to be Stop. what is subvocalizing? you must have noticed, that while reading anything our subconscious(unconscious) mind pronounce(adaa krna) the words on the page, we don’t say the words aloud but our mind speaks them unconsciously when we speak the words aloud, it takes a special amount of time to pronounce, however, we donot need to speak it loudly, we can just absorb(understand) the words, we also mimicked(copy an action) sentences and words, we don’t read them loudly but our lips mimicked (copy) them, this is also known as subvocalising.

If you want to overcome this habit, replace it with another habit, because habits cant be ignored but they can be replaced so adopt this strategy

How To Read a Book In Less Time - Simple Reading Techniques
Don't be puzzled

2) Know your speed

Before improving (making better) anything, you must know how good or bad you are in that certain thing for example: if you have to improve your dancing skill, then you should know your baseline, you should know how good or bad you are and how much hard work and practice you need to improve(enhance) it, similarly, to improve your reading skill or to read faster, you must know your baseline(interest), for example, how slow you read and how many words you read in five minutes, after knowing your baseline, move towards improvement, there are many tools which tell you about your baseline, it will share your baseline in certain terms like you read a certain amount of words per minute, hence use tools to understand your baseline and once you know your baseline then you can work for improvement for example if you read one page in 6 minutes, then improve it by reading two pages in 6 minutes, this way you learn to read quick.

3) Practice

Nobody can become perfect in anything without practicing, you need to practice in order to read fast, to read faster you need to practice everyday, you have to read daily, you have to set a time, you have to read important things, must avoid unnecessary words or stuffs, must only concentrate on books which gives knowledge and information, must avoid unnecessary words, sentences or pages.
4) Use guide

You should have noticed that when we were kids, we had a habit of reading anything by keeping finger on it, or we used to use a marker so that we don’t forget the important points, but unluckily as we grew we forgot our good old habits(we have replaced them), we should use a pen, pencil or a marker to mark particular points which are  important, so that we can save our time, we don’t need to struggle with every page while searching for that important point, use marker so that whenever you want to re-read that same page or sentence again, you can read it directly without wasting your time, So use pen pencil or marker as your guide.

5) Eyes exercise

here you have to understand how much your eyes move while you read, your eyes show your attention, hence to hold your eyes centered you need to handle your eyes actions while you learn to deal with your eyes moves, then analyzing will now not have an effect on the eyes, you want to practice positive strategies to create head movement, thru eye movement exercise you can create head movement which doesn’t affect your eyes, example.

Exercise 1st: move your eyes from left to right, while also moving your head from left to right, as you move, be sure your eyes looking forward, your head should be moving while your eyes are still.
when you keep your eyes fixed in a single location, it'll assist to cognizance on a single phrase or word that you may want to sluggish all the way down to read.

Exercise 2nd: after searching left to right for few instances, repeat the workout but allow your eyes to move with the motion of your head, your eyes should still be centered now not looking left to proper.

Explaination: when you circulate your eyes along with your head, it creates at ease and fluid movement as you transition from line to line and web page to web page.

Exercise third: finally, maintain your head instantly and look with your eyes to the left and the right some instances, your head ought to be perfectly in area even as you look to the left and proper in a horizontal line.

clarification: when you flow your eyes independently, it's far the middle of scanning from one aspect of the road to the subsequent.

Those strategies of your eyes and head will absolutely assist you to read a e book fast
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